Why You Should Cruise Lake Lucerne

At the bottom of Mount Pilatus lies the beautiful Lake Lucerne. My friends and I originally planned on taking the train back to Lucerne again after being on the cogwheel railway, but luck was on our side that day. We found out that our first class global pass rail tickets included a ferry ride as an option. Yes, due to our lack of research we almost missed out on the most beautiful ferry ride ever. On top of it, having a first class ticket meant great seats, so we spent most of the almost two-hour ride enjoying some adult beverages at the First Class only lounge.

So if you ever find yourself in Lucerne, make sure to go on a cruise on this magical lake. It’s worth it!

IMG_2839 IMG_2724 IMG_2851 IMG_2862 IMG_2848 IMG_2873 IMG_2870 IMG_2868 IMG_2863Lake Lucerne

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