The Single Girl’s Guide to Oktoberfest

I always thought Oktoberfest was a once in a lifetime trip for me. A part of my bucket list that I can just check off and move on. Put on my dirndl and apron, get drunk, have fun, done.  I can do that anywhere. But Munich’s Oktoberfest is the real deal and there’s so much more than what you picture or read about.

Just in case you need one more reason to go besides the beer and fanfare, Oktoberfest Munich is also a great place to meet people from around the world. Truth be told, it’s like this one big international bar.

To all my fun-loving single ladies out there who are thinking of an unforgettable girls getaway, consider Oktoberfest Munich!

Here’s what it was like being a single girl in Oktoberfest:

People Watching 

oktoberfest 2

Lederhosens Everywhere!

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How to choose a beer garden:

There were SO many tents to choose from. From what I noticed, most visitors tend to fill up the bigger and popular tents. My friends and I were more adventurous and showed up at less crowded beer gardens. However, I had my own way of choosing a beer garden…

IMG_2498 (1)


I don’t think I need to explain myself on that one.

My favorite beer garden was the smaller Hofbrau Munchen tent with the rotating bar. I seriously felt like I was speed dating, or on a blind date, or job interview. I got to meet people from all over the world. Call me crazy but I especially love being surrounded by different accents. What I love most about Europeans is that they are usually bi-lingual or multi-lingual. A trait that is a big plus on my book.

So even though I initially planned on checking this off my list and moving on, I think I see myself coming back soon. There is no such thing as ‘once in a lifetime’ in traveling. You can always go back and do it again, and again as long as you want to.



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