The Other Side of Ibiza

I went to Ibiza by myself. In October. For one night. Who does that?

Initially, Ibiza was not in my plans knowing I will be Spain after the summer. I mean, why would you go to Ibiza during off-season? The whole point of going there is to experience its global part scene.

But I could not help myself. I was already in Barcelona making Ibiza only an hour away by plane. Besides, I needed a break from a whirlwind two-week itinerary of nonstop travel.

I had two options:

Stay in San Antonio aka the party zone, which will not guarantee me that epic wild night since most of the clubs already closed for the season.

Or not stay in San Antonio.

At that point, as I was doing my research, I came across the other side of Ibiza called Talamanca.


How To Get There

The best way is to take the taxi. It is about twenty minutes away from the airport and costs €25. The cheaper alternative is to take the bus but for Talamanca, there is no direct route.

Hidden Gem

Talamanca is the perfect beach getaway to those looking for a more relaxing time in Ibiza. It is more peaceful than San Antonio’s resorts and there are no towering hotels in sight. The beach is beautiful and wide. There’s also a nice boardwalk that leads to Ibiza Town which is a fifteen minute walk from the area.

IMG_0294IMG_0308 (1)

When I arrived in Talamanca, a storm was brewing. The clouds were dark and the wind was strong. I thought I would end up stuck in my room the whole time. Even though I had a room with a balcony overlooking the beach, I would not have enjoyed Ibiza in the pouring rain. But the weather drastically changed and I had the perfect warm October weather for the rest of the time.

Where I Stayed

I stayed at Hotel Ses Figueres, a cute little beachfront located just steps away from the beach. I had a room on the third floor with a balcony and the view was priceless! Again, small hotels don’t have lifts or bellboys so I dragged my heavy suitcase up three flights of stairs.


My favorite spot is the hotel’s outdoor beachfront restaurant. I spent a lot of hours sitting there, writing and working on my blog. Just me and my crazy thoughts. And my nth cup of café con leche.


I did explore Talamanca a bit and walked to the very end of the boardwalk. Along the way, there were beachfront restaurants but some of them were partially closed for the season. There were a couple of tapas restaurants and my hotel did not have the kind of tapas I was used to in the mainland. So I walked a block away and found a packed local eatery which you know is my kind of place!

The People

I think my Spanish is pretty good and being in Ibiza validated this fact since I did not utter one English word at all. Ok, maybe just the word ‘password’. I’m not sure if anybody speaks English because I was in total Spanish mode the whole time. I didn’t even hear any American accents which makes me think my American compatriots are probably staying at the Hard Rock Café in San Antonio. I found out later that most of the visitors of Talamanca are Spaniards and British citizens who prefer the more peaceful atmosphere for a relaxing holiday.



Watching the sunset was an experience itself and as the dark enveloped the island, the vibe changed.

Talamanca at night is very different than what I pictured Ibiza at night would be. Age must be mellowing me because I opted to stay in my hotel area at night rather than venture out into the clubs in San Antonio.


View from my balcony.

Talamanca is a hidden gem away from the crowded hotels and clubs of Ibiza. I love discovering new places that are not as popular to the rest of world as the ones on our bucket lists. So if you’re looking for a relaxing beautiful Spanish island getaway, I recommend Talamanca. If you’re looking for a crazy party scene, you can always head to San Antonio. The point is, Ibiza offers the best of both worlds.


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