Ten Best Things I Ate In 2015

This past year had been quite a gastronomical year for me. I’ve been to some fabulous places and eaten some fantastic dishes. I’m thankful to everyone who joined me on my food trips, especially to all the restaurants, chefs and friends who invited me as their guest and took me to new places and made me eat their wonderful food.

Here’s a list of some of the most memorable and best things I ate this year:


Tapas (Spain)

This Chef’s Choice platter is a wonderful way to try as many tapas as you like, plus it adds the element of surprise not knowing what the chef will put in those five platitos. This is perfect for the foodventurous!



Sushi (Japan)

I just noticed how predictable I am. This sushi platter is pretty much like the Chef’s Choice tapas platter I loved in Spain.  As you can see,  I like trying a variety of choices and be surprised with each new bite. It is indeed exciting!  I didn’t like everything in this platter but I enjoyed discovering what I like and didn’t like. Plus, eating sushi in Japan broke me for life. I could never eat sushi anywhere else again.



Mofongo (Puerto Rico)

This popular Puerto Rican dish is specifically from Restaurante Raíces, a must try when in San Juan. The skirt steak with chimichurri sauce was amazingly flavorful. One of the best steaks I’ve had ever. Never mind if the place is a typical tourist trap, food was worth it!


Iberico ham

Iberico Ham (Spain)

This dish is more than just a ham. It’s not your ordinary ham, this is jámon Ibérico and I said that with an Andalusian accent! Iberico ham is a type of cured ham in Spain made from black Iberian pigs primarily from southwestern part of Spain. I had this plate in Seville and hands down, it was the best ham ever. The legend is true. There is nothing quite like the jámon Ibérico.


12067321_10100782156898589_1935904034_n (1)

Seafood Madness (Chicago)

Chicago’s local food scene is one of the best gastronomical landscapes in the U.S. I recently discovered this young and hip establishment called The Angry Crab and I was hooked. I am a seafood lover and this place definitely has every kind of crustacean you can ask for. Not to mention how flavorful the sauce is. I also enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere where you can get your hands dirty and dig in. Literally.


Mangonadas (Chicago)

Since we are still on Chicago’s local food scene, I can’t help but talk about the mangonadas.  Anything that involves mangos is a favorite of mine but this one is unique. It is made up of mangos, chamoy sauce and chili powder. Hot!



Bibimbap (South Korea)

I find extra pleasure eating a city or a country’s signature dish especially when it exceeds expectations. Korean food is one of my favorites and the uncomplicated taste of Seoul’s bibimbap hits the spot. It’s comforting and humble, and true to its essential Korean flavor. “Seoul” food indeed!



New England Steamers (Maine)

Maine may be the nation’s lobster capital but it is also a seafood Mecca in the east coast. Even though I did like the lobster,  my taste buds had a mind of its own and preferred these tasty steamed clams from Portland Lobster Company. Maine surely lives up to its reputation.

Bueno flavor

Gelato (Gibraltar)

This special gelato made the list because I only found the flavor in Gibraltar. This is special because the flavor is Kinder Bueno, my favorite European chocolate bar. It blew my mind. My favorite things together is a creation made just for me!


12436068_10100827337406489_1476894925_n (1)

Pastries (Portugal)

My sweet tooth was happy in Portugal. I was addicted to the pastel de nata, a Portuguese egg tart pastry.  It has a very rich yolky taste and a light crust. It is a rustic version of its custard cousin from China, both I am obsessed with.

Well, I can’t believe I was able to pull this list off! Looking back made me hungry for adventure again. I am really lucky to taste amazing food from different parts of the world. It is priceless. I can’t wait for next year’s list!

What were some of the best things you ate this past year?


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