Spain and The Single Girl

My love affair with Spain started last year when I stayed there for a month. It has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Without question, Spain occupies a special place in my heart and I plan on going back and exploring more of it someday. Fortunately,I was able to travel around the country and visit different regions, from Madrid to Andalusia, Catalonia and Balearic Islands.



During the off-season, Ibiza was quiet and “tamed”. Plus the fact that I stayed in Talamanca made it more of a relaxing getaway. The place in general wasn’t as friendly as I thought it would be but my beachfront hotel made up for it. It was the perfect place to do some soul-searching and take time for myself. I’ve exchanged some ¡holas! with a few people but most pretty much kept to themselves. I did go to a neighborhood eatery but was a little intimidated. It was crowded and everyone looked at me as soon as I walked in, but then everybody resumed their own business afterwards. Nobody spoke English but I did enjoy a bit of small talk with some local boys. I also stayed away from San Antonio’s night life. After all, I went to the Balearic Islands to relax after a two-week whirlwind adventure in mainland Spain. However, I did sense the difference between the Spanish island life and the mainland.




Seville had to be the most romantic city in Spain. Its laid back lifestyle and old world appeal definitely made the city that way. As soon as I got there,  I automatically had the urge to put on my most feminine dress. Somehow it made me feel like I was in an old Spanish movie. But don’t be fooled, Seville may feel very traditional during the day but come night time, the atmosphere changes!




There’s something appealing about college towns. The guaranteed diversity of people is my favorite reason. You get to meet people from all over the world, and it’s not just the students. It includes scholars, professors, and tourists alike. However, this can also be an advantage if you are looking for a more local atmosphere.


As it turned out, the unlikely spot that I liked the most was this little tapas bar inside Salamanca’s train station. I spent a lot of time hanging out at this joint since they had wifi and I was able to do some blogging. Not to mention they served tapas!






Picasso’s city has it all. Historical ruins, beautiful churches, small town feels, art and the modern lifestyle. I personally prefer the small town feel of Plaza de la Merced, where I stayed but it was nice to know that only across town is Malaga’s upbeat Costa del Sol. Or as I referred to it – Malaga’s Miami. If you miss the beach night life scene,  you can always venture out to this side of town.



Ah, the big city. Barcelona is the biggest and busiest city in Spain. It’s definitely fun getting in the middle of it all with your fellow visitors. You will never run out of things to do or be bored. From daytime to night time, Barcelona has plenty to offer.

Barcelona plaza Barcelona


Saved the best for last. Madrid  is my favorite city in Spain. I apologize if I started to sound redundant in every Spain post. I just can’t help but gush about how I fell in love with Madrid. I’m not going to elaborate why i love this city again. You can look up my Madrid posts and find out. Instead, here are some of my favorite photos and hopefully they will be enough to show how Madrid stole my heart.


IMG_4129 IMG_4098


I cannot wait to go back and explore more of this beautiful country! I am looking forward to the next chapter of this love affair. No matter how different each city was, one thing remained the same…this single girl had the time of her life!


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