Seville: A Taste of Old Spain

Beyond the popular attractions in Seville, I think it was pure luck that I got to see and experience half the things I did that weren’t written on any Top Ten Things To See list.

What I usually do when I travel is prioritize the things I want to see the most. In Seville’s case, it was the infamous Plaza de España. I wouldn’t say the plaza was close to where I stayed. It was at least a thirty minute walk from Hotel Baco. If you prefer to take the bus, there’s a line that goes directly to Plaza de España.

What I Saw

Plaza de España



University of Seville

IMG_4483 IMG_4496




La Giralda


Metropol Parasol

You can have a view of the city on top of this wooden structure located in La Encarnacion Square for 3 euros. Note: The ticket comes with a free drink from one of the bars in the area.



This part of the world is very religious, specifically very Catholic. Almost every neighborhood has their own church. What makes Sevilla different is that the churches seem to have their own personalities. Very Andalusian indeed.

Church of San PedroIglesia de San IldefonsoIMG_4552

Seville Cathedral

I can’t talk about churches without mentioning THE one in Seville. I suggest taking a stroll at night around the Cathedral for it looks majestic and romantic at night. The place is surrounded by outdoor restaurants so you can dine with a view.

IMG_4641 IMG_4640

What I Ate

What didn’t I eat? Like I said before, the theme of this trip is sangria and tapas!

IMG_4624 IMG_4627

IMG_4509 IMG_4525

What I Learned

  • I learned that Sevillaños sleep early on Saturday nights and most of the city shuts down early.
  • They party hard on Friday and Sunday nights. There could be a whole logic to this that I’m aware of or maybe it was a one time thing but I am basing this conclusion on my own experience.
  • If you want to eat after drinking on a Saturday night, good luck looking for fast food!
  • We found a Burger King but it closed at 2 am. We got there at 2:10 am. Don’t worry, we ended up finding the one kebab place that was still open.

Highs and Lows 

As i mentioned before, luck played a big part on this trip. My highs were the unexpected events and things that I witnessed beyond the tourist attractions. On our way to Plaze de España, we happened upon an international fair. If you still don’t know by now, I love international fairs!

IMG_4374 IMG_4375 IMG_4380IMG_4659

After a quick siesta, we headed out to party like the Sevillaños. As we walked by the Parish of Santa Angela de la Cruz, there was a procession and I was really blessed to witnessed one. I haven’t seen a real traditional Catholic procession in a very long time and the fact that I witnessed one in Spain, especially in Sevilla was really special.


The charm of Seville comes from its deeply rooted traditions, religious devotion, and the Sevillaños who make sure that these observances will be handed down to generations. Every old town struggles with keeping up with the modern world and at the same time preserving the past. Seville thrives on that delicate balance.

I’ve enjoyed Seville and learned a lot about this part of Spain. However, I’m also ready to see more of Andalusia and looking forward to staying in Málaga, Picasso’s hometown.

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