Road Trip: Costa Rica’s Country Roads

One of the craziest road trips I’ve ever experienced was in Costa Rica. And to think, my friends and I didn’t even drive. We hired a private shuttle on both road trips and I’m glad we did! The roads in cities like San José was ok but those in the rural areas do not run perpendicular to each other and were often unpaved. There were no stop signs or street names and most of all, some “roads” were winding…on a cliff.

The first road trip was from San Juan to Arenal which was about three hours, the second was from Arenal to Jaco which took about four hours. The first trip wasn’t really a scenic drive. We got to the airport late at night and our Arenal resort was three hours away. I remember the driver was speeding like a maniac and majority of the rural drive was in pitch black. We were so tired to care that time and it wasn’t until later did we realized and saw the dangerous cliff we were speeding on!

After spending three days in Arenal, we headed south to Jaco which was located on the Pacific Ocean shores. This road trip was a lot more fun. We were able to enjoy the scenic cloud forests and stopped by a local store in the middle of nowhere. Our driver was also nice enough to take us to an overlook to catch the beautiful sunset.


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Glad we made it to our destinations safely!


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