Pura Vida in Costa Rica

If you’ve never been to Costa Rica, you’re never going to fully understand the essence of Pura Vida, literally Pure Life. I learned that it’s more than experiencing ‘pure life’ but it is basically Costa Rica’s way of life as well as the law of the land. One of my many favorite memories are the Pura Vida 101 lessons I’ve learned from the friendly staff, quirky driver to our conversant zip line guide. In Costa Rica, I was told, you always greet, say, respond “Pura Vida” to anything! And so, I’ve exhausted those words for the seven days I stayed there to the point that I firmly believe it when I say those words.

So here are some of my Pura Vida moments:


My best Pura Vida pose.


Walking along the Pacific coast.


Traffic jam. Driving along scenic roads and through small villages.


Walking the Arenal hanging bridges was truly an unforgettable Pura Vida experience!

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