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I spent a day wandering the streets of Porto on a quiet Sunday in October. I didn’t have any particular plans but decided to  just follow the signs and wing it. Besides, I was so exhausted and longed for a more relaxing day. I first stopped at São Bento train station to scour the area. The old train station was a masterpiece itself. I was so mesmerized at the tiled art work and I was pretty sure everybody who were there felt the same way. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful train stations I have ever seen.


IMG_0780 IMG_0779

I ended up in Porto’s other train station, Campanhã where I stayed at the convenient Hotel Poveira which is located right across from the station.

Campanhā Train Station

Campanhā Train Station


Right across from the hotel is a busy cafè called Low-Cost where they have tons of pastries at – yes, low cost! I must have eaten a dozen of pastel de nata there.


I walked aimlessly to the city center and enjoyed how the streets were pretty empty. There were some roads where all the shops were closed and I was the only person walking down the street.

IMG_0772 IMG_0773 IMG_0775 IMG_0776


I spent the remainder of the day hanging out by River Douro, one of the major rivers of the Iberian Peninsula. The sunset over the river was lovely but I didn’t stay longer to wait for the sun to fully set. I had a long walk back to the hotel and I didn’t want it to be too dark to be walking back by myself.

There were many restaurants near the train station and my hotel. I ate dinner in one of the small local restaurants. Not many people spoke English around me so there was a little struggle in ordering my food. I did speak Spanish and it helped a lot because it seemed most people understood it more than English.

Have you been to Porto? What was your favorite part?

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