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My Praha experience was a seven-hour “layover” en route to Germany. Flew in to Václav Havel Airport and had less than seven hours to spare before heading out to Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, Prague’s main train station to catch the 5:00 pm train to Berlin. Even though it was short and sweet, I feel like I was still able to see a lot of things and experience the city’s vibe.

If you’re planning a layover in between flights, I suggest to have at least eight hours. The Old Town Square is about 30 minutes away from the airport by transportation and you need enough time to get back and not miss your flight.

Top things to see in Prague for a quick layover:

Charles Bridge – If you’ve never heard of this bridge then you don’t deserve to go to Prague. This is one of the most famous bridges in the world so be prepared for the crowd and make sure to bring your camera. And maybe your selfie stick. I don’t think they’re banned in Prague yet but I could be wrong so better check that, too. Ha!

charles bridge


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charles bridge

charles bridge prague

Old Town Square – This was my favorite. I love old towns and plazas! But beware, this place is ridiculously packed with people. Like any other touristy city square, there are tons of restaurants, beer gardens, and souvenir shops everywhere.

Note: Food and drinks in Prague is cheap but if you decide to dine at one of the outdoor restaurants, it can get pricey since you are paying for the view. So depending on your budget, choose wisely. My friends and I opted for a second floor restaurant which was cheaper and it still offered a window view of the square.

Prague, Czech Republic

Having a Radegast with a view from our second floor restaurant.

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In Old Town Square, you will find the Astronomical Clock, a medieval clock created in 1410. It has been repaired many times but it is still working! What makes this clock more spectacular is the hourly mechanical performances of the procession of the Apostles, moving statues and the intricate design of the clock itself.


Another MUST is to walk around the historical Old Town. Before my visit, I was warned by many people to watch out for pickpockets in Prague (as well as Rome). I’m fortunate enough not to experience it but I  would still remain cautious anyway just like you would at home or anywhere in the world.

Note: Wear comfy shoes! Endless cobblestone alleys and it’s a hike walking to the castle. (At least by my standards!)


old town

old town





Prague is a great destination especially for photographers, history buffs and budget travelers. And even for a quick layover, I still had time to sit, eat and have a drink. There are a lot more to see in Prague and if you are able to stay for a longer period of time, I heard the night life is really fun! (Absinthe is legal. Just saying.)

I found I enjoyed taking photos of Prague most of all. The old world feel and gothic architecture manifest the mysteriousness of Old Prague. I especially loved the red hues of the whole city. I also really really like the train station. Talk about old world! I seriously felt like I was in a romantic old movie. Lovely.

train station


Have you been to Prague? How was your experience?

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