Picasso’s Málaga

The main reason why I wanted to go to Málaga was Pablo Picasso.

I’m no art aficionado nor a Picasso expert in any way, but I like art. And I like the man. I was curious to know more about the city that raised one of the greatest painters of all time.

When in Málaga, it’s a must to visit Museo Picasso. There’s nothing better than learning about Pablo Picasso in his own birthplace.

Museo Picasso Málaga

General admission fee is only 7€.


What I like most about the museum, besides Picasso’s work, is the clear and informative narration that accompanies visitors as they explore each artwork.


But the absolute revelation for me was the simplicity of the museum itself. A stark contrast to Picasso’s elaborate, colorful and abstract works of art. I mean, look at Salvador Dali’s museum in his hometown of Figueres. You can tell it’s all Dali just by the looks of the building.

Truth be told, I like the beige walls and nominal design. It is the perfect setting to house such vibrant Picasso pieces.

IMG_4836 IMG_4838 (1)

IMG_4871 (1)

You can also find the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation in Plaza de la Merced.

IMG_4956 IMG_4957

After checking out the museum, don’t forget to take a stroll around the area. Málaga itself is a work of art. You will find many artistic elements all over the place.

IMG_4873 IMG_4931IMG_4937  IMG_4927

There are just way too many beautiful buildings in Málaga. I think my neck hurt from the constant craning of my head upwards.

Of course, don’t miss the Cathedral! Not that you can.

IMG_5527 IMG_4893

Having to personally admire Picasso’s work in his hometown is one for the books.

I’ll end this article with one of Picasso’s quotes from the narration, one of many that stood out to me.

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” – Pablo Ruiz y Picasso

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