Osaka: Japan’s Kitchen

Osaka is the third largest city in Japan. It is one of the most important seaports of the country as well as home to many leading Japanese manufacturers. More importantly, Osaka is known to be Japan’s food capital, hence the moniker “Nation’s Kitchen”. A big factor to this is the well known food market, Kuromon Ichiba Market.

Kuromon Market

Wandering the busy streets of Osaka was an adventure itself. Kuromon which means “black gate” in Japanese, originally started as a fish market in 1822. The “black gate” referred to the black gates that served as the entry way to the temple back in the Meiji Period.

The Market now has over 150 shops that sells everything from produce, fresh seafood, kitchen goods, clothing and many more. It has also become a prime tourist attraction for travelers and merchants.


IMG_6712 IMG_6723



Osaka’s most popular tourist destination is probably Dōtonbori. It is known for its nightlife, entertainment, shopping and eccentric atmosphere. In the midst of the busy district is the glistening canal that makes Dōtonbori even more picturesque. This was such a fun street. I couldn’t take my eyes off the huge mechanical billboards and long line of restaurants and shops. If you are shopping for electronics, this is the place to be!



It started to rain in the late afternoon and so I had to find shelter somewhere. I ended up in a nice coffee shop while waiting for the rain to pass.  Japan is a tea country and I did not expect that the coffee would be just as amazing. I honestly forgot the café’s name but I remember how cozy and warm it was inside. I was sitting right in front of these four siphon coffee makers and this well dressed barista using them to brew coffee.




Osaka, Japan


After my coffee break, I continued to wander off into the night.



IMG_6750These scenes from Osaka are some of the most memorable images imprinted in my head. When I think of Japan’s night life, I think of all the lights and billboards and signs. The organized chaos it exudes. I can never forget the lights and the canal, and how the reflections illuminated the whole street.


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