Eat, Pray, Love in Mexico

The most meaningful journey I had was my own version of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’  trip to Mexico in 2010. It was also my pre-birthday gift to myself and a much needed getaway trip. Ok, I admit, my five-year relationship ended and I wanted to runaway from everything. It was the trip that started it all. My obsession with the beach renewed, and my love affair with Mexico began when I set foot on its ‘playas’ and wandered its remarkable ‘calles’. Yes, my favorite spot might be the touristy beach in Tulum but what endeared me the most was being able to experience living like a local even just for a short time. That’s how I want most of my trips to be…immersion in culture, blend in the crowd, offbeat secret destinations. 

The majestic beach at the Mayan ruins of Tulum, Mexico.

But before I discovered this breathtaking gem, I spent time roaming the streets (and beaches) of Playa del Carmen. I stayed at a small quaint hotel located  two blocks away from the beach and a five minute walk to Avenida 5.

Every morning, I take a leisurely walk to the beach.

The walk to the beach.

lamp store

A delicious Mayan cuisine

And finally….la playa!!! 🙂

The beautiful sunset was amazing and I was a little disappointed that I was unable to capture that moment. I partly blamed myself, but mostly I was too distracted by the OTHER commotion.

Mexico’s very own version of Baywatch

Part 2: Avenida 5

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