Message from Jen

Dear Friends,

I created Angel of Wanderlust for the sole purpose of keeping track of my travels and sharing them with friends and family. However, after several years of traveling the world and sharing unforgettable stories to friends, families and colleagues, I found myself sharing more than just my experiences.

I love giving travel advise and enjoy answering questions about travel. I find inconceivable joy in encouraging people to travel. I especially love encouraging first time travelers and those who have not visited another country other than their own.

Travel may not be for every one, but I want to inspire people to see how big and beautiful this world is. To live their lives bigger than the four corners of their city, state or country, to actually enjoy the fruit of their labors, not be chained to the desk and be a slave at your job, to meet amazing people around the world who share the same joys and struggles in life, to understand culture, language and traditions and to have an amazing journey no matter how big or small their budget is.

Most importantly, Soul Travel is the kind of travel I hope to impart. Traveling for me is emotional. It is important to take time for yourself to reflect and refresh.

If that is the purpose of Angel of Wanderlust, then I’m happy to serve that purpose.

Explore the world. Awaken your soul!



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