Just Like the Movies

I’ve been lucky enough  to have experienced numerous ‘movie moments’ in my life – mostly during my travels but nonetheless, I’ve had some pretty inexplicable moments that felt like they came out straight from a movie. But since I moved to Chicago, every single day I spent walking around downtown has been just like that. Literally.

Just the other day,  I walked by this little church garden on North Michigan Avenue.  A walk I’ve made  so many times on my way to work. Yet it wasn’t until recently I found out it was the church from one of my favorite movies – My Best Friend’s Wedding. I’m really aging my self here.

That movie was entirely filmed in Chicago. How could I forget?

I’m no movie buff but a lot of other famous movies were filmed here. Chicago, after all, was THE Gotham City and Metropolis in the latest DC installment. So I can say I live in Gotham City, right?

Speaking of  movie moments, I’m off to live one on this Friday night. Hopefully.


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