How To Spend A Day On A Private Island In Belize

Two years ago in my fifth Caribbean Cruise, instead of going to another adventurous excursion, I decided to spend the day on a private island doing nothing. Yes, NOTHING!  Usually, I would urge cruisers to go on an exciting excursion to make most of their island experience…but there’s nothing wrong with choosing to slow down and “waste” a day away.


Belize has more than 200 islands or “cays”. A cay is a small, low-elevation, sandy island on the surface of a coral reef in the Caribbean. With a few family and friends, we took a scenic boat ride to Water Caye, a 511 acre island located near the deep water channel in Belize. The small resort was welcoming and calm. There were no crowds of tourists or vendors harassing guests. We were welcomed with rum punch drinks as we stepped off the boat and then e were left alone for the rest of the time unless we need something.

Since the private beach was pretty small, there were no thrilling water rides or loud music at the bar. It was literally a relaxing beach day. Now some cruisers may get bored with this setup so make sure you read each excursion description and ask the cruise representative questions. But for me, it was just what I needed.

Lucky for my small group, no other excursion was scheduled to arrive at the island. This was an added bonus indeed! So in my head, it was a dream come true…having the whole private island to myself!


The best part of having a secluded beach to yourself is having rows of vacant beach chairs for you. You can choose any spot you want! You can even leave your bag on the chair and not worry about keeping an eye to it while you’re in the water.




Imagine this…the whole bar just for you. No need to fend off a crowd on your way to the bar.




Just like with your drinks, you can have the whole tiny local restaurant to yourself. Make sure to try that Belizean food. It was delish.




Don’t worry, there are still some activities to keep you busy. Snorkeling is one of them. Non-strenuous activity. Sign me up.




This is the best time to take photos. Heck, you can even have an entire photoshoot and not worry about photobombers. Take a lot of scenic photos of the islands. Take advantage of the fact that you can take a photo of your own screen saver.


Settings like this is the perfect time to unwind and relax. Walk around the property, reflect, sing, dance…do whatever you want. No one is watching and judging you! Best of all, use this time to enjoy the scenery. Maybe get off the grid and get off your phone. You’ll have enough time for some selfies.



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