How Oktoberfest Made Me Like Beer

I’ve never been a fan of beer. I drink anything from cider to wine to cocktails to whiskey and tequila shots. I even drink moonshine. Homemade moonshine.

But I’m just not into beer. Maybe because I was traumatized in college when most of my formative beer drinking days happened. Typically, it included disgusting cheap keg beers.

So when I traveled to Munich for Oktoberfest last year, I went all in! At first, my friends were skeptical about me in Oktoberfest. Their bets were on me and my unfinished glasses of beer.

But life is full of surprises.

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Let’s retrace my steps a little before the scenario above happened.

For a non-beer lover like me, going to Oktoberfest in Munich was the best thing I did for my boozy lifestyle. I should’ve done it sooner! I’ve been missing out!! The crazy atmosphere just added more value to my beer journey. I was able to explore different kinds of GOOD beer, went to one beer garden after another, and shared tables with beer loving strangers. It was amazing.

It was honestly the best place for an amateur beer drinker like me to suck it up and binge. I didn’t want to be the party-pooper or the loser who cannot handle a big stein. It was also the one place I can just let loose and keep drinking beer. It was a no-judgment zone.




For some reason, my taste buds like European beer. Specifically, German beer. I can make countless theories why but let’s not dwell on those. I think my taste buds are just used to the best of the best. Ok, maybe not BUT I’m really happy that I didn’t waste any of that good quality German beer.


So for all you non-beer drinkers who are having second thoughts about going to Oktoberfest, just go. If you have to give beer a chance (or a second chance), Oktoberfest would be the perfect place to do it. That’s what I did and I left Germany with a new outlook in life. Fine, a new outlook in beer.

I’m not going to say I learned to love beer. I am going to say that since then, I’ve been more open with trying a glass of local beer in my travels. Now that Oktoberfest is upon us again, let us all have a glass of beer. As if you need another reason!


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