Groupon Getaway Guide

Since the dawn of e-commerce marketplaces like Groupon and LivingSocial, travel has become more affordable for thousands of people. I always get questions about these kinds of travel deals and if I have bought trips from Groupon. The answer is yes. I don’t normally go for all-inclusive packages but my last two all-inclusive trips were deals from Groupon. The first time was for Costa Rica and the last one was for Dominican Republic. I personally didn’t have any problems with my purchases but there are definitely some pros and cons with these types of deals.


Pros and Cons
  • Groupon has some of the most affordable deals. Some deals though do not include airfare so be wary of this and some don’t include meals and drinks. I personally don’t care much about including airfares since those tend to be limited and I like using my favored airlines so I can get those miles.
  • The Caribbean deals are cheap and great for a weekend getaway. If I have more time to spare, I usually would buy another Groupon deal for the same place but a different resort. This way, I can just add on an extension last minute and experience two resorts. Two birds with one stone!
  • Some of the resorts are a hit or miss. The downside is that most of the participating resorts are either small or less popular  brands. If you don’t care much about luxury or quality, then it won’t be a problem. I had an unforgettable experience in Punta Cana where the last resort I stayed at was physically beautiful but the drinks were pretty bad. You have to pay extra for top shelf.
  • Watch out for additional fees. Most international resorts charge taxes or fees once you check in. Some fees are charged daily so read the disclosures and fine print.


Am I going to book another trip with Groupon someday? Absolutely. These deals are ridiculously cheap and sometimes seem too good to be true but it all goes down to personal choice and what you value most. Before I book any hotel or any trip for that matter, I make sure to read reviews. That’s the best way for me to make any decisions. And if it turns out to be nothing like what I expected, I still look at it as part of my adventure. Besides, it aways makes a great story!


Jen is a Chicago-based traveler and a full-time Director of Development for an arts & culture organization. Originally from Connecticut, she created JetsettingJen as a place to share her travel stories and photos with friends and family. Now, it is a place for adventurers, explorers and dreamers. Its purpose is to inspire and encourage people to see the world and achieve a better work-life balance.