Food Trip: I can’t Afford Norway

During my Eurotrip last year, my friends and I did an overnight layover in Bergen to Prague. Read all about it here: A Guide to Bergen’s Best.

Being awake for nearly twenty-four hours when we landed in Bergen, we decided to explore downtown right away. Why waste time to sleep? The no sleep part was not a problem. I was too excited and energized to see Norway being it was my first time there. Bergen is also the rainiest city in Europe. But that wasn’t a big deal. That was actually part of Bergen’s charm and the fact that there were umbrellas available everywhere to use. Umbrellas in our hotel room, umbrellas in the lobby. Umbrellas everywhere!


Let’s not digress. The whole point of this post is Norway’s cost of living not the umbrellas.

I have never valued water as much during my stay in Bergen. Water is not free. You can’t just ask for a glass of water at a restaurant like back home in the States. A regular bottle of water is going to cost you at least $4 USD. (Fast Forward to Prague: that same bottle of water only costs $1 USD). That goes with soda as well. So when in Norway, think before you waste your bottled water!

Needless to say, food was also expensive. I remember my first purchase was a piece of chocolate at the airport and for something so small, it cost me about $3.


Ok, fine. I bought it because I think the name was wicked funny.

Norway was only the first country in our Eurotrip. We still had Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany and Italy so we didn’t want to spend most of our money in Norway alone. Since I couldn’t afford a real meal in a nice restaurant, I didn’t mind going for street food.

I must say Bergen has the best hotdogs! While walking around Bergen, my friends and I stopped by one of those hotdog stands and got ourselves the cheapest but most amazing hotdogs. And when I say cheap, I mean a $10 hotdog.


So now that I know better, I can come prepared next time!

When we reached Prague, we were so blown away at how cheap everything was especially coming from Norway. The funny thing was when we left for Germany, we bought tons of bottled water for the trip. Talk about a lesson learned!

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