Dilly Dali

Thanks to my obsessive personality of stalking dead old men, a trip to the biggest Salvador Dali Museum outside Europe happened. I’ve had my eyes set on this museum since I missed out on going to Figueres when I was in Spain two years ago. I’m still regretful over not having time then to visit Dali’s hometown museum, but I know I will be back there before you know it.

Surrealism is not really my favorite but Dali is a master, and honestly in this case, it’s more about the artist than the artwork. Regardless, the museum itself is a masterpiece and worth a trip especially if you’re an art lover or a Dali fan.


The Dali Museum

P: 727.823.3767
F: 727.894.6068

One Dali Blvd,
St. Petersburg, FL 33701


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