Bergen’s Best

Bergen may be the rainiest place in Norway but its charm was more than enough to win me over. I spent a day in Bergen as part of an overnight layover to Prague and I had a great time exploring this historical port city.

My Bergen Top Five:



Beautiful Bryggen has become the most iconic symbol of Bergen. It has gained a well deserved place in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. This harbor district is one of the oldest port cities in Norway which history dates back to the 12th century. What’s more amazing is that these old buildings are currently being used as stores, cafes, offices and everyone can walk in and out of these historical wooden houses!


fish market

This 700 year-old Norwegian fish market is probably the cleanest fish market I have ever seen. This is a great dining spot especially for seafood lovers. The variety of choices is astounding! This is also a great place for photography enthusiasts as well as foodies. You can pick your food and eat it right away too.



This was the highlight of my Bergen experience! I was thankful the weather cleared up and allowed my friends and I enough time to take the funicular before the sunset. The ride up to Mount Fløyen was an amazing experience. Make sure you go on a clear day to see panoramic views of the city. There are some spectacular views up on top. There is a park, a restaurant and some interesting hiking trails. You don’t need a reservation and a ticket costs NOK 85, which is approximately $13. For more information, visit the Fløibanen website.




Once you get on top of Mount Fløyen, there is no shortage of breathtaking views. Don’t forget to bring your camera, there are plenty of room for photo opportunities! Most importantly, don’t forget to take the time to enjoy the experience and the view. Set aside the camera for a moment and look out into the beauty below you, it truly is a beautiful city.




Do I need to say more about the wharf? These photos speak for themselves. Rain or shine, Bergen was the perfect first Norwegian city that I’ve been to. It just made me want to explore more of this amazing country! Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to see the fjords which gives me all the more reason to come back.

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