Chicago Life: Wicker Park Brunch

It has been about two weeks since I moved to Chicago but it seems like the reality of me being here hasn’t sunk in yet. To everyone. Even to myself. Sometimes, I still feel like I’m only here for a vacation. Although lately, there had been moments where I was proud of myself for getting to places without using Google maps anymore. One of the things that would make me feel more at home are weekend brunches. Especially ones with your best friends.

There’s something really delightful about eating  a light meal that’s not quite breakfast or lunch. Plus, I’m not an early morning person anyway and it’s just another excuse to consume alcohol earlier than usual. But Chicago is a foodie city and brunch is inevitably part of its lifestyle.

I was finally able to spend quality time with one of my best friends here in Chicago. Women and brunch go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or in this case, milk and honey. I’ve started to explore Chicago’s many neighborhoods and to start the day, I decided to explore Wicker Park since a lot of people had been telling me that I would love it.

And I did.

Milk and Honey Café

milk and honey cafe

Milk and Honey Café is a lovely space for brunch. Foodies, yuppies and families frequent the place. I had their Orange Brioche French Toast with Toasted Almonds and a cup of latte.

french toast

The food was great and the atmosphere was inviting. My friend and I talked non-stop as usual and we were seated next to two guys who were also having their own conversation of course. Let’s just say when my friends and I get together to talk, we talk about EVERYTHING. No holds barred. We were seated so close to the guys that we can overhear each other’s convos. From time to time we glanced at each other’s way every time I say something crazy or if they mention “how last night was”. How I love brunches!


It was a pretty unusually warm winter day and so we were able to walk around the neighborhood. Across the café, I found a bench with the word “LOVE” on it and I knew it was Instagramable.

wicker park

wicker park

It makes me extremely excited to be in Chicago. I look forward to more brunches and more exploration. If you have any suggestions of places for me to try, let me know!



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