Boston Bazaar

During my quick east coast visit last weekend, I was able to squeeze in some time to visit Boston. More like, I went to Boston to visit my brother who is currently living there and managed to “squeeze” in some time to wander around. Lucky for me, the weather turned out to be absolutely perfect for a day trip and it just so happened that it was also the first day of my favorite, SoWa Open Market. The market is located in Boston’s South End, known as SoWa Art + Design District

SoWa (South of Washington) is a vibrant community of artist studios, galleries, boutiques, restaurants and local businesses. I honestly haven’t been to SoWa in years. I’ve been too busy gallivanting around the world and have then entered a phase of being a snob as to undervalue the familiar and accessible around me. You know that point where you just want to explore new things and see new places? You tend to avoid places close to home or where you grew up because it isn’t as exciting as going to a new place for the first time. It really wasn’t until I moved to Chicago, away from my beloved east coast, that I have truly appreciated cities like New York and Boston.

But I digress.

As you know by now, I have a deep affection for art. And so needless to say, the SoWa Art + Design District is art heaven.

Now let’s move on to my other favorite part…

And I’m guessing, everybody else’s too.

The Food Truck Bazaar is a foodie’s paradise. It consists 10 to 15 of Boston’s most iconic food truck vendors from adult grilled cheese, to taco trucks and asian fusion. I can go for food trucks anytime, anywhere!

SoWa Boston also has a fresh farm market, vintage market, art walk and a winter festival.  I cannot stress how underrated this place is. Nonetheless, as I walked the streets of Boston again, I was reminded of how utterly nice it was to explore the familiar. Sometimes, we just have to look around us and find something beautiful after a second look.

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