Birthday Cray

I celebrated my birthday in Chicago for the first time last weekend. It was an epic three-day weekend celebration, to say the least. I usually travel on or around my birthday as this has been a tradition I started many many moons ago. But since this was my first birthday celebration since moving to the Windy City, I figured why not go big? Honestly, it was more off a mini foodventure than anything else really, as I LOVE trying new things and eating good food. It kicked off on a Friday night with my two best friends.

Disclaimer: My photos will be dark, grainy and weird because most were taken at night or in a club and I may or may not be inebriated. (Lol)

Fondue Time

The first pick of the night was Geja’s Cafe, an old school establishment in Chicago known for fondue dining experience. My friends and I had a great time with fondue-ing and cooking on our table. Plus it was very dark. I mean it was almost pitch black. We couldn’t even see what we were cooking! Nonetheless, we had a lot of fun.





Girls Nite

After dinner, we headed to swanky Parliament. I enjoyed my birthday bottle service and shots! It wasn’t as crowded as I expected it to be on a Friday night, so we had more than enough room to dance around.

parliament parliament2



The following night, I chose a unique and exotic restaurant for dinner with friends. Alhambra Palace  is the kind of place I’m into. Not to mention I was just in Spain and Morocco last year (I wasn’t able to go to the real Alhambra, but this will do for now. Lol). Alhambra Palace not only offers exotic food, but also has live performances like belly dancers, cultural entertainment and hookah.

alhambra alhambra3



Afternoon Tea

Not gonna lie, on the day of my birthday I was so tired from the crazy weekend so I ended up having afternoon tea with by best friend. The Allis is located in a beautiful historic building with big windows, exposed bricks and huge chandeliers.

allis2 allis3



Another year has passed and life has been more adventurous than ever. So many blessings to be thankful for.


Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated.

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