Berlin’s Beaten Path

Berlin was one of the most memorable cities I’ve visited. The city has been through a lot and its history is far from romantic. I came to Berlin with some pre-conceived notions based on its war-torn history, but I left with a new appreciation of its vibrant urban life. Its dark past will always going to be a part of Berlin, but the dismal days of the past are gone and the city is no longer divided by the Wall. The city’s revival surpassed my expectations. Berlin is a cosmopolitan filled with artists, expats, foodies, immigrants, and young professionals. It has also become a big tourist destination and its historical attractions play an important role as a reminder of the city’s story.

When you visit Berlin, I urge you to see as many of its historical landmarks. I was able to see a few of them and it was such a surreal experience to actually stand in front of an important piece of history.

Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

berlin wall

East Side Gallery berlin


Berlin wall 2

Brandenburg Gate


Brandenburg gate


The Reichstag


Reichstag 2

Holocaust Memorial







Berlin Olympics

Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Germany has one of the best train systems in the world. Berlin’s new train station is the biggest in Europe and is one of the city’s finest construction. It has been around for ten years and has been a great addition to the city. It is efficient and punctual.  Taking the train around Berlin was easy!


New Berlin

Berlin is not just known for its historical landmarks, it is also famous for its night life and party scene. In contrast to its dreary past, the new Berlin is vibrant and modern. Restaurants, bars and clubs fill the city and the sound of techno music fills the air at garden



My Berlin trip turned out to be a moving experience. The city’s turbulent past was not forgotten, but it also did not dictate its future. Berlin has so much to offer and has become one of the best cities in the world.


Have you been to Berlin?  Are you thinking of going?

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