Art on My Mind

My love for art has been especially reignited as I spent a lot of time going to museums these past few weeks. Partly because I was trying to catch all the extra free admission days Chicago museums offer its residents during winter. As I revisited each familiar art work and artist, I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic about my college days where I enjoyed studying art history and wrote papers about Toulouse-Lautrec and Kadinsky.  During my last visit to the Art Institute, I found myself standing in front of At the Moulin Rouge again trying to remember what I wrote about the art work and its artist.


Post-Impressionist style.

Aristocrat with a physical deformity.

Loves to drink and party.

Made the legendary Moulin Rouge posters.

I’m surprised I still remember.

I also remember some ten years ago, as I spent time researching and writing my paper, adding this to my bucket list: Paris & Lautrec. Thirty-three countries later, I still haven’t been to France! (Except for a layover on my way to Athens) I think I might have subconsciously been saving Paris for a special trip with a deserving special someone.

If you have been following my travels, you will quickly learn how obsessive I can be when I put my mind on something. Like stalking dead old men.

Oh, remember when I  traveled to Malaga for Picasso, and Barcelona for Gaudi? Even covered Hemingway while I was in Spain. Flew to the Key West for a glimpse of Hemingway’s life. Followed the footsteps of Matisse in Tangier. Michelangelo in Florence. And drank at Al Capone’s favorite speakeasy in Chicago.


For me, art, history, literature and travel go hand in hand.



And right now, I’m currently waiting for my next obsessive stalking compulsion to kick in. What would it be? Who would it be next time?


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