Colorado Rockies: All Aboard the Ski Train!

I was reading a few random articles about the National Parks today and it led me to a familiar link about Colorado’s infamous Ski Train. I was in great shock to find out that it closed down in 2009 and no longer operates in Colorado after 69 years! This made me feel fortunate that I was able to experience the Ski Train back in 2008 during my summer visit to Colorado. So I dedicate this post not only to the beautiful Rockies but also to the memorable Ski Train!

The train went up about 4,000 feet around the Rocky Mountain before reaching its destination, the beautiful Winter Park Resort. The trip was approximately about two hours long itself but I did not notice time at all. My eyes were too busy feasting at the breathtaking views around me.

Train station

Aaall aaboard!

The route included 29 tunnels including the 6.2 mile long Moffat Tunnel.

Beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery

Destination reached.

Welcome to Winter Park Resort

Ski lifts

This is why Colorado is one of the healthiest states!

Overcoming my fear of heights

The Rockies were beautiful but I know that during the winter time, the scenery will also be as beautiful. I could imagine the ski train climbing up the snow-capped mountains. WHat a view that would be! Too bad I won’t have that chance anymore. Nevertheless, I am still happy that I got onboard the train before it closed down!

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