A Moroccan Meal

My day tour in Tangier included a typical Moroccan meal. It may have been the typical meal for tourists but it was still an experience nonetheless. After meandering the alleys of the Old Medina and the Kasbah, we were guided to a nice restaurant for lunch. The place was well-decorated  and traditional music filled the air by a group of musicians.



The service was good and the wait staff was very proper, and well dressed. The group was served the same three-course meal that was included in the tour package.



First course:


Harira soup is the traditional soup of Morocco. It is a tomato-based broth commonly made with lentil and chickpeas.

Second course:


Kefta kebabs is made of ground beef or lamb mixed with Moroccan spices, cumin and paprika to name a few.



The chicken and couscous dish is a classic Moroccan dish made with raisins and sweet onions. I liked the simplicity of this dish. It was very flavorful!



The sweet briouat was my favorite! As you know, I love dessert and this popular sweet Moroccan pastry was a delight! The briouat is typically made of almond flavored folded dough with cinnamon and soaked in honey. Yes. It was good. It can be a little too sweet after your second piece but I have a sweet tooth so I enjoyed it.

The perfect end to the meal is the popular traditional sweet Moroccan mint tea.


I loved this tea! It was as if Morocco was partying in my mouth. Moroccans must have a sweet tooth because this tea was also very sweet. Either way, I liked it.

Behind the post:

My friends and I were seated with other people from our group excursion and the one thing that stands out in my memory bank is this cute little old Scottish lady seated next to my friend. At first, I barely understood her because of her thick accent but she was very friendly and was always smiling, and she was saying the funniest things. After lunch, on our way back to the bus, she literally stopped in front of me, touched my face and gave me a really nice compliment. She said I looked like her daughter-in-law who is very beautiful. Of course, I was flattered. That actually made me wonder what her daughter in law looked like.

Tangier brought me a lot of unforgettable memories and I hope I get to explore more of Morocco someday.


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