5 Things I Learned About Myself From Traveling

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” -David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

This is so true in many levels. Travel has taught me lessons I would not have learned if I had been satisfied with the familiar and comfortable. The more I traveled to far flung places, the more I realized how tiny of a place I occupy in this world and how unsatisfying it had been for me. I’ve always felt like I could be part of something bigger, greater and I’ve been missing out because I was blinded with the wrong kind of success.

It’s a humbling epiphany really. Meeting myself on the road. A better version of myself for that matter. Once travel becomes your comfort zone, things will never be the same. It’s liberating!


IMG_3602I learned how to handle problems without stressing.

AthensI learned I like my own company.

IMG_6331I learned not to depend on others.GermanyI learned how much I love learning.

LondonI learned that I have bigger dreams.

Travel is constant learning. It never ends. The world is your classroom and you are allowed to make mistakes. There is no greater teacher than experience and there is no better way than experiencing things in a bigger scale. Every time I come back, I feel like I’ve changed and I’ve taken a piece of every city with me. The road to self- discovery is a special one and not everybody is lucky enough to explore that road.

What have you learned about yourself from traveling?

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Jen is a Chicago-based traveler and a full-time Director of Development for an arts & culture organization. Originally from Connecticut, she created JetsettingJen as a place to share her travel stories and photos with friends and family. Now, it is a place for adventurers, explorers and dreamers. Its purpose is to inspire and encourage people to see the world and achieve a better work-life balance.