5 Reasons Why You Need A Caribbean Getaway

Who doesn’t love a Caribbean getaway?

Ok, maybe vampires. Maybe my pasty horrible ex-boss. Nonetheless, I haven’t met one person who doesn’t love the Caribbean. And for those who have never been, let’s end the self-pity and talk about why you should go to those exotic islands you’ve checked out online.

Reason #5 – Your horrible boss and horrible job.

Been there done that. Not worth it. You work hard, barely take vacations and have to deal with horrible people at work. Need I say more? You spend your lunch breaks looking at beach wallpapers on your computer and wishing  you were anywhere but your little prison called cubicle or office or closet turned office. Yeah, it’s time to get away.

The Caribbean has some of the best beaches.


Dominican Republic


Reason #4 – Crappy weather and climate change.

Winter is almost here. If you live in Northern America, chances are you deal with crappy weather. Rain storms, blizzards, heat wave. You know how much Americans love to talk about the weather. Why not talk about how you’re done shoveling two feet of snow while sipping a piña colada in Puerto Rico?

The Caribbean has some of the best tropical drinks.


Puerto Rico



Reason #3 – Your kids.

So, I’ve heard. I wouldn’t know. I’ll leave this one to you.

The Caribbean is the perfect place to relax.

IMG_2110 (1)

Turks and Caicos


Reason #2 – Politics.

It’s campaign season. Everywhere you look, someone is always arguing about something. You barely survived the family Thanksgiving meal without talking about politics and you’re beginning to quote Donald Trump.

The Caribbean has some of the best food.

Mayan cuisine



Reason #1 – You keep making excuses why you can’t go.

Your horrible boss didn’t approve your vacation. You don’t have money. You can’t leave your pets. Does your boss own you now? Did you just splurge on that expensive shoe? Since when did your pets control your life?

The Caribbean is affordable whether it’s a long vacation or a weekend getaway.


St. Thomas

The Caribbean is one of my favorite go-to destinations. I haven’t checked off the entire list of islands yet but I’m getting there. I don’t care how typical and touristy it may be.Whether it’s an all-inclusive resort, a cruise or an adventurous trip, the Caribbean is still one of the best destinations on earth. Admit it.


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